Their product is beautiful, and their expertise is next level.

Working with Paul and Southend Reclaimed was a wonderful experience for our client, builder, and myself (designer). Their product is beautiful, and their expertise is next level. They made the process seamless. The floors became one of the most talked about pieces of this home that we designed. I am looking forward to our next […]

We immediately felt a connection with Paul and the product

When we began designing our home on Lake James with our architect, we were going for 1920s, antique lake house style. Reclaimed wood was something we knew we wanted to go along with this style of home. We found Southend Reclaimed online and decided to visit the Concept Cottage in Davidson where we met Paul, […]

Definitely worth the effort to get this result

The Antique Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut Flooring feels clean, fresh, warm and inviting. I love seeing the morning light on the floors, so pretty! Doesn’t it make you wonder why people choose flat gray engineered floors with so many gorgeous woods out there? YAWN! It was definitely worth the effort to get this result.

Says a lot for your business, and you as a person.

I thank you for sticking with me. Your customer service exceeds anyone that I have dealt with through the entire building process. We will do more with you, as we get settled in here. Thanks again my friend. If you would do what you did for your smallest customer, that says a lot for your […]

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