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Antique Wood Reclaims a Part of History

Since 2001, Southend Reclaimed has been transforming antique wood into beautiful flooring, beams, planking, paneling, timber frames stair parts and more. Our vintage wood is salvaged from mills, warehouses and barns across the country that were often built around the turn of the last century. Among the species we offer are Douglas Fir, Oak, Wormy Chestnut and Heart Pine. Vintage lumber has character and a patina that simply cannot be replicated in new growth lumber. Often the value and character of reclaimed wood is a result of the structure in which it was found. Hand Hewn Beams salvaged from inside a century-old textile mill would still retain the original ax marks while exterior Barnwood may emit a beautiful gray color from years of weathering. Antique wood is also ideal for builders and architects due to the stability and structural soundness that its low moisture content and density provide.
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Whatever your antique wood needs, Southend Reclaimed can make it happen. By choosing only the most distinctive wood that has been hand-crafted from an era when quality was the tradition, we are able to offer the finest in antique building materials. Our staff of knowledgeable craftsmen works with each client to make sure the final product meets the particular specifications and requirements of the job. At Southend Reclaimed, we have three great passions – reclaimed wood, our customers, and our commitment to quality and integrity in all that we do. Let us help you discover The Art of Bringing History Home, contact us today. Here are some examples of our work:
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