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Tired of paying taxes on an old, vacant building you can't use?

Odds are, your real estate is worth more WITHOUT the old building still on it. A dilapidated building is not only an eyesore, it can be a liability. The cost to bring a 100+ year old building up to current safety codes can be astronomical. The longer you wait, the more you’ll spend trying to maintain the building.

What we're looking for:

  • Buildings 50,000 square feet or larger
  • Built in 1930 or before
  • Interior wood construction

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Testimonials from Building Owners:

“Ellington’s Farm Center was in my family for 40-50 years and I was using it as a storage facility until part of the roof caved in. The amount of money the building had brought in in recent years wasn’t nearly enough to cover having the roof patched or replaced at the cost of $40,000 to $100,000. I spent several years researching companies to take the building down and had dozens of professionals come out to take a look at it. A lot of these companies take down barns or houses and think they can handle a 100,000 square foot building, but they were all simply overwhelmed when they came out and saw the size of it. A lot of the structural beams were 30ft long and even though it was built with mules and a block and tackle system, I knew it was going to be challenging to take it down. Southend Reclaimed came into the picture with complete confidence and put together the right team and a plan to deconstruct the building. The site was left very clean after deconstruction which is exactly what I hoped for. All I have to do is grade the lot and it will be ready to sell for commercial development.” Keith Ellington | Ellingtons Farm Center

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“My name is Charlie Fagan from Piedmont, Alabama. I own Standard Coosa Thatcher Cotton Mill. After much consideration I decided it was time to do something else with my mill. After almost 125 years it's better days had came and went. I spent 3 years researching the demo of mills and talking with prospective companies. After visiting several old demo mill sites I was shocked at the condition they were left in. Most looked like war zones. Debris as high as 30 feet at some locations. My property was in the middle of our little town and I had served as Mayor a few years before. The end results were as important to me as the actual sell. Also all old buildings have some environmental issues that will need to be addressed. This was also a major concern I as landowner would also be held accountable if anything was not done properly.  I met  Mike Harmon and Paul Atkinson from Southend Reclaimed. After a few discussions an agreement was made between us. I expressed to them how important it was to me to not have a finished product like most other mills I had visited after being demoed. They gave me their word as well as their signature. I won't say everything went perfect. What I can say is when anything went out of line they were the first to address any issue that need be. I can also say that the demo of my mill by far exceeds any other mill demo that I have seen. Everything we agreed to was done and even some better than my expectations. I now have a very nice plot of land that can be repurposed without very much additional work. ALL debris was removed as promised. I am very pleased to say it was a pleasure to work with the employees of Southend Reclaimed and they done exactly what they promised. Charles Pierce was a pleasure to work with and done an outstanding job. When I buy another mill Southend Reclaimed is who I will call.”

Charlie Fagan | Standard Coosa Thatcher Cotton Mill

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