The Lumberyard

Stretching across 7 acres and 30,000 sf of warehouses, our lumberyard in Chester, SC (just South of Charlotte, NC) is home to over one million board feet of all types of Reclaimed Wood.

At Southend Reclaimed, our "secret sauce" is our inventory, which we source from hundred plus year old mills, barns and warehouses across the country. If you are like us and get all giddy when you see reclaimed wood - especially LOTS OF IT - then come see us!

At Southend Reclaimed, we take pride in every step of the reclamation process. We constantly scour the nation on a hunt for 100+ year old dilapidated buildings that are just waiting to come down.  Once a suitable building is acquired, it is carefully deconstructed board by board. The reclaimed wood is then transported to our sawmill where it is transformed through the milling process and given new life. Needless to say, a lot goes on in the time between sourcing the antique material and delivering the finished product to our customers!

We welcome you to take a behind the scenes look inside the Southend sawmill as our reclaimed wood takes the journey from raw to install ready.