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You do the demo, we provide the cash flow.

Southend Reclaimed buys antique materials from buildings built in the 1800s and early 1900s. We can show you which old growth wood and vintage brick has the most value in today’s market. For over 15 years, we have worked with demo contractors from all over the country. From one truckload of material to exclusive purchase agreements for all wood and brick…we do it all.

How it works:

  • You focus on the demo, we take care of selling the usable wood and brick. Use your time doing what you do best.
  • You are paid in full as soon as the materials are available and ready. No waiting. No kidding.

Current sought after species:

  • Heart Pine
  • Oak

Have material to sell? Contact us!

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Testimonials from Demo Contractors:

"Having been in the demolition business for my entire life and preceded by three other generations, I'm well versed in all types of demolition. Unlike my forefathers, the one type of project I had never experienced was a large-scale wood reclamation project (largest prior project generated +/- 12,000 board feet).

With that desire, and sadly, lack of corresponding knowledge, I took on an enormous reclamation project in Chicopee, Ma. This six story, 475 foot long structure had great wood and brick which was all desired by numerous local buyers. Soon after starting, the problems began...local wood buyers began quoting one price, showing up with a payment far shorter, endless haggling and my favorite, viewing and pricing the wood and then showing up and saying the wood that was there wasn't the wood they originally looked at. 

During the course of one particularly trying day, I got a random call from Paul Atkinson. I was dismissive, he was persistent. He knew wood and I had wood and we made a deal. Nothing more than what I had been hoping for. 

Since that time, we have shipped over 200,000 board feet of wood from this project and have locked up three additional projects that will yield between 150-200,000 board feet of reclaimed lumber. That wood too will go to Southend Reclaimed.

Simplify the process and contact Southend Reclaimed. Focus on what you do while maximizing the return on your antique brick and lumber." 

Toby Duane | Duane Equipment Corp.

"When I am taking down an old building, I prefer to sell all of my wood and brick to Southend Reclaimed, rather than trying to handle sales internally. They are professionals, easy to work with, trustworthy and their money is always good. A partnership with Southend frees me up to concentrate fully on the demo process and it gives me cash flow I can count on, knowing all the wood and brick is sold as soon as it hits the ground. I highly recommend working with them."

Greg Sveinsson | Lost Forest Development, LLC

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