Customer Spotlight: Epic Chophouse

When the owners of Epic Chophouse decided to open a new location in Fort Mill, SC, they, along with their architectural team, came to us to source reclaimed flooring. They wanted flooring that had the same look and feel as the flooring in the original Mooresville, NC restaurant, and they also wanted to make sure it could withstand foot traffic, spills and more for years to come. They needed to go with Engineered Flooring since it was going over a concrete slab, and they wanted us to prefinish it with a custom medium brown color. They wanted a vintage look with lots of original face patina. Together, we decided to go with our Original Face Reclaimed Oak Prefinished Engineered Flooring - and the results are beautiful!

“The original restaurant in downtown Mooresville NC is housed in a circa 1888 building with the original heart pine wood floors, typical for that period but rustic in nature. We wanted to reference that original flooring with an aged and rustic product that portrayed the same likeness but was more current and durable. Southend Reclaimed has provided products for our projects previously and we had great responsive service with no issues of product quality or delivery schedules, and they are right across the street from our architectural and construction offices in Davidson, NC. Southend worked with us to develop several details and specifications of the floor and coatings to meet our high standards - restaurant traffic, protection, cleaning, durability and abuse. As part of that solution, they developed an engineered product to address the concrete subsurface. Our restaurant client group loves these floors and are very happy with them. We all received a tremendous amount of compliments for the look. It confirms our choices and it’s been very rewarding.”
Rick Mack, Owner Epic Chophouse

Please be sure to go check them out at their beautiful new location:

Epic Chophouse at Kingsley
1365 Broadcloth St.
Suite 101
Fort Mill, SC 29715

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