The Journey Of Reclaimed Wood

The wood of Southend Reclaimed that finds its way into new homes and businesses today has a story that spans hundreds of years. Trees that began growing during the time of Columbus were used to construct the mills and factories that formed the backbone of this nation a century ago. Now, many of these structures stand vacant. Southend Reclaimed searches for these buildings and meticulously reclaims the old-growth wood and vintage brick found there so that these materials, and history, can live on. Watch the video above to learn more.

Reclamation Projects

Indiana textile mill

Southend Reclaims South Bend

Southend Reclaimed is reclaiming the Wilson Brothers shirt factory in South Bend, Indiana. Materials in this structure include 2″ x 14″ unpainted joists with circular saw marks. See more


Antique Heart Pine From The Heart Of A Manufacturing Community

The deconstruction of the Bemis Cotton Mill is yielding about 500,000 board feet of antique heart pine. See more