Salvaged White Oak

If you were to study a dense forest, you may notice there are numerous trees standing but no longer alive. You will see that these trees in the spring and summer do not have any foliage like the rest of the lush, living trees do. If left to their own devices, these trees will eventually fall and decompose on the forest floor. We identify such "standing dead" trees and save them before they fall. We call this our "Salvaged White Oak" line.

This is an environmentally friendly line (like our reclaimed wood products) in that healthy living trees are not cut to produce this product. In addition to the environmental friendliness, it is also similar to reclaimed in that you will see wormholes/tracking, mineral staining (slight color variations), and other beautiful character. This product especially comes in handy when there is a need for large sizes that are not able to be found in the reclaimed world. We can offer this product planed/smooth or with circle saw marks added to it.

For pricing, availability or other information on how to incorporate Salvaged White Oak into your next project, call us at 704-765-9773 or contact us here.

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