Southend eliminates the complexity.

Paul Atkinson of Southend Reclaimed should be buying your wood…and here is what you can expect from working with Southend: – Consistency and follow-through – Avoid decreasing values as the job carries on – The wood that he looks at/prices today stays at that price. – Pays the agreed upon price…doesn’t say the load is […]

Material looks great.

Thank you for the joists, and especially the brown boards. I think the material looks great, the brown boards were to replace an order that was missed from another vendor. I’m really pleased with how they look. They look great and I’m glad to do more business with you.

Pleasure to work with Southend Reclaimed.

My name is Charlie Fagan from Piedmont, Alabama. I own Standard Coosa Thatcher cotton mill. After much consideration I decided it was time to do something else with my mill. After almost 125 years it’s better days had came and went. I spent 3 years researching the demo of mills and talking with prospective companies. […]

Deconstruction site left very clean!

Ellington’s Farm Center was in my family for 40-50 years and I was using it as a storage facility until part of the roof caved in. The amount of money the building had brought in in recent years wasn’t nearly enough to cover having the roof patched or replaced at the cost of $40,000 to […]

Cash flow I can count on.

When I am taking down an old building, I prefer to sell all of my wood and brick to Southend Reclaimed, rather than trying to handle sales internally. They are professionals, easy to work with, trustworthy, and their money is always good. A partnership with Southend frees me up to concentrate fully on the demo […]

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